Covid-19 Prevention Tips
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Important Points to take note(No matter you are vaccinated or not vaccinated)
  • Remember to clean your aircon/fan often,at least 2 weeks once(due to WFH too much), dusty aircon/fan will make you flu or running nose which may let virus attack you when weak!
  • Eat Healthy and drink more water, tibits/junk/fried food make you sick which may let virus attack you when your immune system is down!
  • Exercise/Move your body, this is to avoid your muscles weakening as less movement to outside due to stay home stay safe purpose. Strengthen your body to be fit against the virus!
  • Sleep Well & Rest More, when you sleep/rest on bed, your body will recuperate and recover your body better after a hard day work or illness!

  • Follow the good things of life, we are finishing soon. Good things are worth to wait. Be Patient, we will be there :)

    Daily Routine
    Covid-19 Routine On your daily work /school / activities

    Mask! Can it be reuse? Answer is YES!
  • According to Stanford University, Mask Can Be RE-USE! Stanford University Publication
  • Please put in under the sun for 30mins as claimed by Stanford University on putting mask under ultraviolet light for 30mins will help to disinfect more than 99% of the mask.
  • Due to mask shortage around the world, it's the only way for self protection. It is better than none to protect yourself.
  • Wear a mask if you feel unsafe or it is compulsory by law, no matter the mask is reusable or not.

  • Basics
  • Wash Hands Often. If there is no washing facility, please sanitize with your portable sanitizer.
  • Maintain short fingernails(Due to bacteria trap in these areas which washing hands also cannot clean these areas thoroughly)
  • Social Distancing and prevent going crowded places(If you have to do so, please wear a mask if possible for crowded places)
  • Bring a small santizer with you(Sanitizer your fingers & palm every 2-4hours)
  • Clean your mobile phone daily with 70% sanitizer(due to plastic, 100% ethanol sanitizer is not recommended as it will melt your phone surface)
  • Sneeze well to purge your toxic out effectively and cover your sneeze fully with Xeesa SneezeBox if you are in school/office to prevent spreading

  • Pressing buttons in public
  • Use your finger knuckle to press ATM, lift button or bus alighting button

  • Door Opening/Accessing on Car Door/ Normal Door
  • Use your last finger(little/pinky finger) to pull the door handle when opening door by pulling
  • Use your elbow to push the door when opening door by pushing
  • For push door opening with door handle to pull down to release the door catch mechanism, use your fist down(knuckles pushing down the handle), then follow with the elbow push.
  • For pull door opening with door handle to pull down to release the door catch mechanism, use your last and 4th finger together as you need more energy to unlock and pull.
  • Dormitory Outbreak Solution
    Covid-19 Foreign Workers On the foreign workers who need to be quarantined

  • Convert those completed levels with water/electricity link HDB BTO flats to temporary quarantine rooms
  • Better isolation as the rooms are isolated against other rooms by readily partition walls

  • Advantages
  • Cheaper than hotel, but need to work with Main Con to link up temporary electric, water supply and sanity waste disposal
  • Better living condition than carparks, factory space, community centers, expo halls due to HDB BTO have its own toilets
  • Better Control as the construction site is gated/fence up
  • Main Con have better communication with workers

  • Construction Workers Isolation and Quarantine at HDB BTO Flat as Example instead of current clustering Dormitories
    Covid-19 Dormitory Solution

    Example of HDB BTO suitable levels and Toilet Fabrication with Toilet Bowl
    Covid-19 Dormitory Solution

    Learn more on how HDB build BTO flat by fabrication method

    Post Covid-19 Usage Cleanup Needed: HDB may need to chemical wash the toilets, sanitize, repaint walls and change away the toilet bowl after their stay.
    Covid-19 Diet On Food and Drinks

    Scientific Proven
  • Drink More Water, Less on soft drinks(as drink more soft drink will get sick easily)
  • Drink more milk to have more Vitamin D keep yourself healthy.
  • Prevent Heaty food like tibits/fried food which can lead you to fall sick easily
  • Have more fruits on Vitamin C(Orange, Blackcurrant, Papaya, Guava)

  • No scientific proven(Myth)
  • Drink Barley Water
  • Drink Carrot Soup
  • Eat Curry Stuff (Prata, Chicken Curry) to heatup your the lungs to bring out the virus through breathing/respiration

  • Environment Hygiene
    Covid-19 Environment Hygiene In Home/Office/Workplace

  • Clean your door/cabinet/drawers handlebar/keys/switches and doorbell weekly or daily if possible(With Sanitizer)
  • Aircon Temperature cannot to be too cold(Best is not less than 25 degree celsius. Cold air condense your lungs with more water which may bring the virus to inner lungs
  • Try to have at least let the open air to come in at least once a week. Consumer Aircon(Usually Split Systems) tends to recycle the old/contaminated air.
  • Preferred to have Air Ventilation Exhaust Fan to draw out the old/contaminated air from inside and draw in the new air which can be install by BasicReno
  • Clean your computer keyboard and mouse with 70% sanitizer(due to plastic, 100% ethanol sanitizer is not recommended)
  • Prevent using the thumbprint timeclocking/stamping for work environment for the moment(Sanitzing the thumbprint pad may spoiled the scanning due to the surface is blurred after sanitizing alcohol.
  • Sneeze well to purge your toxic out effectively and cover your sneeze fully with Xeesa SneezeBox if you are in office to prevent spreading

  • Exercise
    Covid-19 Exercising in open space and under the sun

  • Walk/Slow jog in the park or park connector
  • Try to avoid enclose places such as badminton Hall or Gym(As usually Gym are using split aircon which is circulating old/contaminated air)
  • Walk in the morning(7-9am) or evening(4-6pm) sun(Expose yourself to Sunlight as Sunlight provides Vitamin D for your body which enhance your immunity)

  • Mood
    Covid-19 Mood Do not feel down. Cheer up :)

  • Just think of yourself better than those poor people in very poor condition countries.
  • Be Responsible and do your part to protect yourself and your family.
  • Listen to music at home. Watch YouTube/TV to let yourself relax more.
  • Do your favorite stuff/hobby during lockdown/quarantine period. It maybe a good time for you as you missed out your hobbies in your busy life in the past.
  • Life can be very relaxing when alone or in small groups. Don't feel you are being left out if you are used to being in a group for lunch or dinner.
  • Try your best to defend. Be happy and positive. We will see light at the end of the tunnel soon.

  • Vaccination
    Covid-19 Vaccination Vaccinated or not? You make your decision

    Any summary or wisdom for vaccination till now?
  • Let its nature take its place

  • Tips on decision making on vaccination
  • There will be risk. (Example, if you never buy toto, you will never strike toto. Example=myocarditis)
  • There will be unknown long term effects as the vaccine is too new. (Due to some vaccines have polyethylene glycol, we know that polyethylene is used for making supermarket plastic bags. Not sure in the long term will affect the body)
  • There will be freedom lost. (Example, if not vaccinated, cannot go shopping centers. If you feel that going shopping centers, dining out, library, work in office are more important than your life, you made your own decision)
  • For the past 2 years, 2019-2021. There isn't a fatality for 0-11 years old kids in Singapore on Covid-19.(It might be the good quality of formula milk which kids have consumed for the past 6 years from 0-6)
  • Covid-19 usually hit age 60 and above due to their immune system is not as strong as their younger days. (Normal flu also kills elderly since long ago)

  • Stay Away from Drugs
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